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Bursa Tours

Karagöz Travel Agency organizes ethnographical and cultural village tours in Bursa and its environs if you are interested in visiting the Turkoman life in the mountains, (houses, handcrafts, hand looms, weaving, costums, food) and if you want to experience something different than the other people who visit Turkey, you can join us… Not only village life but also ancient towns, ruins, Churches (Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman and different samples of old architecture etc.) can be visited daily from the eye of your Tour Operator.
We have more than 10 different tour programmes and itineraries around Bursa which you can pick from. One of the most important characteristics of your tours is that they can be organized daily. You can take an extraordinary city tour of Bursa city by seeing the different sights no one can show to you. We even organize a small tour in old Bursa bazaar area so that you can experience the old handcraft shops which are becoming increasingly fewer. We are here to help you create your own tour itinerary so that you can discover Bursa and its environs.
Iznik, the ancient town of Nicea and the ceramic center over the centuries waits for you. A daily tour to ancient city of İznik… Tours to old villages like Trilye (Trilya), Uluabat (Apollonia), Kumyaka (Sigi) and many others to see Byzantine and Roman and Turkish. Civil signs… Let’s visit the famous Ottoman village “Cumalıkızık” close to Bursa and see the 600 year old beautiful houses.


Daily handicraft  and arts to the villages around BURSA city…


• Let’s discover the mountain villages and the nomadic world around Bursa with daily tours…
The real nomads migrated from middle Asia keeping their traditional life styles: Handcrafts, looms, weavings and costumes. .. The villages with local pottery workshops, wood carvers and food burning artists…
We offer tours to local traditional festivals in villages and towns. A great chance to see people with their traditional celebrations, dressed up in their traditional costumes. Recommended especially for photography fans…
Spend a day in those mountain villages and get into their world… A completely different world and an unforgettable experience away from city noise and hustle, up on the mountains is waiting for you! Karagöz Travel is the only way you can meet those friendly people and observe the traditional life of the mountain Turkomans in Bursa.




Daily Tours in and around Bursa



Bursa City Tour (Half-Day including Tea Break)

Today we visit the Ulu (Great) Mosque, the Silk Market, Green Mosque-Tomb, Tombs of Osman and Orhan and the Muradiye Complex. Time permitting we may also be able to visit the Karagoz museum or Misi village and see a performance of the famous shadow puppets Hacivat and Karagoz.



Bursa City Tour (Full-Day including Lunch)

The full-day tour of Bursa includes the Ulu (Great) Mosque, the Silk Market, Green Mosque-tomb, Tombs of Osman and Orhan and the Muradiye Complex. You may have lunch in the famous "Iskender Kebab" restaurant or Darüzziyafe restaurant serving authentic Turkish cuisine. Depending on interest you can visit either the mountain village of Cumalikizik OR Misiköy take a ride on a cable car to the top of Ulu Mountain. Possible visit to the Karagoz museum or Misi village to see a performance of famous the shadow puppets Hacivat and Karagoz..



Cumalikizik Village (Half-Day)  (3.5 - 4 hours) Tea break and "Gozleme" snack included.

Visit the village of Cumalikizik. It is said that Osman Gazi, founder of the Ottoman Empire established seven villages for his seven sons nearly seven hundred years ago. This is one of the villages on the slopes of Ulu Mountain. The narrow streets have cobblestones and the ground floor of the houses have exterior stone walls reinforced by wooden beams. The upper floor is of timber and clay bricks.



Bursa-Golyazı-Trilye-Kumyaka-Mudanya  (7-8 hours including lunch)

Trilye and Mudanya are located near to Bursa on the south Marmara Sea. This is a nice area with olive orchards and small seaside towns with ruins of old Byzantine churches and beautiful old houses.



Iznik  (7-8 hours. Drive around the entire lake - including lunch)

Iznik, which is unique in that most of the town is still inside the ancient Roman Walls and it is also located on a lake. Iznik was famous for the site of the 7th Ecumenical council. We will visit the Church of St. Sophia, the city gates, walls, Ottoman monuments and the Iznik Museum, which is housed in the Nilufer Hatun soup kitchen, a fine Ottoman building from the 14th century, where there are fine examples of the Iznik tiles from the 15th to the 17th century and other archaeological treasures. Iznik is famous for its ceramics and the art of tile making has been revived. It is possible to see tiles and other ceramics produced by the old method.



Mountain Village Tour (Full-Day): Keles-Sorkun Village (84km) Kocakovacık Village (95km) (8-9 hours) Lunch included.
A full-day program including the Uludag’s best mountain villages. If you are interested in Turkmen Nomads and their life-style you should join this tour because these are the best villages in which to observe the signs of nomads who migrated from middle Asia to Anatolia hundreds of years ago. We depart from Bursa early in the morning. We take the road to Keles to the south that winds around Uludag and climbs its southern slopes and you witness the great view of the rocky and snow-covered southern cliffs of the mountain. On the way, we see many villages and beautiful farmlands and the river. After passing Keles town we drive further to the Sorgun village with a great view of the mountains. We explore Sorgun village for a couple of hours then head up to Kocakovacık village. The land around these villages is planted with strawberries and other fruits, beans, potatoes, wheat and barley. Flocks graze on the rich mountain grasses while the women of the villages weave colorful cloths on their looms. The Villagers weave wool belts and girdles and still make their own costumes.


Mountain Village Tour (Half-Day): Misi Village -Guneybudaklar  (45 km) Tea Break and Picnic Lunch included (4-5 hours)

This is another nice itinerary visiting the interesting villages around Bursa. An attraction of these villages is the architecture that is particular to mountains and the atmosphere it creates.



*Other Excursions are available to the Domanic Mountains; Cukurca, Domur and Carsamba villages or the

Pazaryeri Mountains; K.Elmali, Gunyurdu, Derekoy and Kınık villages where there are local pottery workshops and wood burning artists


Tours include:

* Professional tour guide

* Lunch in a local restaurant during full-day tours only

* There is a tea break and snacks in half-day tours.

* Transportation, Fuel and Entry fees


Not included:

*Tip for guide or driver


*Items of a personal nature

*Transfers are extra

*The itinerary of private tours may vary and prices include only sites mentioned.

e-mail us for prices and more information : travel@karagoztravel.com


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