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Karagoz Travel was founded in 1995 by Celikkol family. First tours started with the organisation of daily ethnographical village and art tours around Bursa. Mr.Sinasi Celikkol followed his father Rafet, the founder of Karagoz Antique Shop  who used to wellcome his guests from all over europe and america and took them around the city and villages volunteerly . While Mr Sinasi was dealing with Karagoz shop and Shadow theatre Karagoz the son Ugur started to involve in the travel organisations. Ugur Celikkol became an official tourist guide in 1992. He worked hard in order to expand the limits of his travel knowledge and the travel business. By time Karagöz travel agency specialized in tours all around Turkey especialy western, middle, northwest anatolia...Karagöz Travel became an expert on Istanbul city and Bursa city tours and the surroundings of Bursa, village and nature tours, island tours, and can organise any kind of special interest tours up on request. Bursa people got famliar to the islands of Turkey with Ugur’s tours such as Bozcaada-Gökçeada-Marmara-Paşalimanı and islands of Istanbul. By the help of shadow theatre friends from Greece Ugur Celikkol visiting Greece many times, became also a guide for Greece and for the islands of Lesvos-Chios-Samos-Kos-Rhodos. Today Ugur organises culture art and nature tours in Turkey and he works with the best local guides and people from the tourism field. Today he also organises daily and weekend culture and art tours for Bursa people too and he is well known in his field in Bursa. Celikkol family runs Karagöz Antique Shop which was founded in 1960 by grandfather Rafet and Karagöz Travel Agency and they are one of the important leading families in Bursa that is trying to keep the tradional arts and especially turkish shadow theatre Karagoz live... Mr Sinasi celikkol has founded a theatre called Bursa Karagoz theatre where the whole family takes role and involved. Mr Sinasi who created the Karagöz house/museum oppoiste the Karagöz-Hacivat monument in bursa started a new ethnographical museum project at a village called Misiköy located at the west side of the city, a village well known for grapes, silk cocoon rasing, river passing through it.

Çelikkol family has runned the Karagoz house on cekirge street which Mr Sinasi Celikkol lead and worked hard in the foundation of and all the family members worked hard to maket his karagoz house live for years. Celikkol family is now running the Misiköy Village / ethnographical house which is around 12 km away from the city center..

R.Şinasi çelikkol  is a public’s culture researcher and he is specialised on traditional Turkoman & nomad costumes. He has a great collection on traditional turkish shadow theatre fgures and puppetry in the world.



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